Our Company

“We believe that all ROADS should lead back to you”

Working with a media marketing company is so much more than just sales today! - It’s all about substantial and long-term business growth. We take your goals, your expectations and demand from ourselves to exceed them every time. We are laser focused on creating and reaching your goals every month.

We believe the core of everything that Without Top notch Customer Service NOTHING else matters. These principles that we stand on are the building blocks together we can build a successful team year after year.

Born and raised in Volusia county the local community is what we know and we have a great deal invested in our community too. That’s why we are so passionate about getting your Brand and company out there too.!

We truly understand where you live.

Our Team


Jasin Quimby

Owner/Business Development

Jasin D. Quimby: Known for being the most positive high energy person in the world,He has always been a true entrepreneur at heart. Jasin was part owner of his 1strestaurant at 20 years old working 7 days a week for years. Hard work does not scare him. I think he might actually like sometimes too Jasin Says. “I may not be the smartest person in the world, But No one will out work me”

Jasin set records at a few major restaurant corporations from most sales increased, sales contests and overall best profitability reports every month. These are a big deal because that’s what its all about for business owners.

Jasin took over as GM at the worst store in the state of Florida in Daytona beach and made it the #1 store out of 23 stores6 months in a row. No store in the company’s history every had that kind of legacy. We asked how he did it. “We created a culture of winners”

Jasin says the secret to any successful business in any industry is 1 Part- Hard work 1 Part- Be passionate 1 Part- Understand business is a team sport. It all comes down to “Executing the proper sincere steps of customer service and marketing consistently”that’s it! Jasin says.

Jasin designed the ABC WIN System to help businesses with great success locally. After 20 years of running local business that were all based on Customer service, Sales and Marketing nothing really beats real life experiences that Jasin has a legitimate resource for business information business development with the importance of marketing in your local area.

As an Ambassador for the chamber of commerce in Deland Jasin understands the support each community deserves and needs.                                                                                                               

Jasin’s passion is his Family then deep-sea fishing while traveling the world with his amazing wife Marissa Quimby. Jasin’s passion for life and high energy is contagious you will want to be part of the same team.


Adonna Thurmond

Owner/Creative Director

Adonna Thurmond is the Creative Director for Social Media Graphics, Digital Graphics and Website Design. She brings over 18 years of design experience to the company. As well as she brings over 6 years of Social Media Marketing, SEO and SEM and Management to the team. Adonna creativity has evolved to encompass Social Media, Motion Graphics, and other digital communication channels.  

Adonna  helps create visually compelling flyer's of our clients’ diverse brands that engage audiences and entice them to learn more. A DeLand native she is very involved in the community and understands the local marketing behind social media. Adonna’s goal since she began her college career was to be able to design and create works of art using the computer to help companies grow and reason their branding goals.